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Rotating Exhibit at Village Hall

Visit Village Hall during its normal operating hours to see a selection of cooking tools from the Heritage Museum's collection. From solid wooden roling pins dating to the 1880s, to a manual eggbeater from the 1920s, everyone will see something interesting.

See below for a selection of 1925 recipes from the Royal Baking Powder Company.

Rotating exhibit at the Senior/Community Center

This exhibit features artifacts from the 1800s through the 1950s. All the artifacts were donated by local citizens hoping to preserve their community's history. Visit the exhibit in the Senior/Community Center during their regular open hours.

View the information panel and the artifacts on display here.

View the information panel and artifacts on display here.

Temporary exhibits

For more information about our Community Curator Series click here.

Glen Carbon Fire Department

Visit the exhibit throughout the month of September to see artifacts from the Museum's collection and some on loan from the Glen Carbon Fire Protection District. See the list of the first members of the fire department in Glen Carbon. 

GCFPD Exhibit September 2023