157/162 Roadway Construction


About the 157/162 Road Construction Project

At the request of IDOT, the Village is providing the following information:

The project involves the realignment of the west leg of Illinois 162 to tie in with the east leg of Illinois 162 at a proposed traffic signal, thus eliminating the offset intersections of Illinois 162 with stop control. The project also involves reconstruction of the bridge that carries Illinois 157 over Judy’s Branch, construction of a new bridge to carry Illinois 162 over Judy’s Branch and construction of a pedestrian bridge parallel to Illinois 157 over Judy’s Branch. 

Below, please find related documents about the IDOT construction. 

General Handout

MOT Line Drawings

PIM Detours

Project Area

You may also contact Cheryl Keplar (a non-IDOT representative associated with the project) with questions at 618-346-3123 for more information. 

Please note: IDOT does not have a website page outlining this construction which began in 2008.